About LRSC

We are a YMCA and USA competitive swim team located at the Bath Area Family YMCA in Bath, Maine. Coached by Jay Morissette and Suzi Bocanfusso, the team has approximately 180 swimmers aged 7 to 18.

Our name “LONG REACH” comes from the original name of the stretch of river on which Bath is located.  Our mascot fish is the Snail Darter which is an endangered species of fish that lives in the Tennessee River.  Its strength is its ability to survive the onslaught of man.

LRSC strives to offer a fun, safe, healthy, environment that allows an athlete to learn athletic and life skills, set goals and adopt a positive work ethic while providing a positive experience where the self-motivated swimmer can thrive.  In doing so, we hope to provide productive student athletes that will be confident self-motivated leaders and role models for the future.

Coaching Philosophy…

A swimmer with a sincere desire to meet goals, improve technique, and improve times, will do so.  A half-hearted effort will yield a similar half-hearted result.  Because it is important that children develop as well-rounded individuals, swimmers that wish to participate in an out of season sport or activity are encouraged to do so.  As those activities come to an end, a greater priority should be given to swimming.

For more information, please contact Jay Morissette.

More information about our team can be found in the LRSC Handbook.

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