Coach's Page

Hi all,

Here is some info for y states this weekend!

This meet is NEVER cancelled due to weather. If the weather looks like it wont be great you MUST plan your travel accordingly.

I expect all eligible swimmers to be at the meet, no exceptions.  Death in the family, actually in the hospital or actively throwing up are about the only reasons to not be there.  Head cold, mild fever, sniffles or things like this are not really acceptable reasons to cancel on this meet.

All team members have 3 responsibilities to be on lrsc

1.            Be available and participate in at least 3 league meets

2.            Participate in the aquathon

3.            Go to states

If you have an issue beginning on Friday, you must contact me via text at 371-9223.  I will have very limited access to email but you can use that as a back up measure.

You are only at the meet for your swimmers session.  Example, for the 9-10 girls session, there are ONLY other 9-10 girls at the pool, no boys and no older or younger swimmers!  Each group session is similar.

Swimmers are not allowed in the stands and parents are not allowed on deck unless helping with the meet.

I am asking that older swimmers leave their cell phones in the stands with the parents or locked up in a locker or in the car.  There is just no need for them on deck.  Swimmers need to be engaged in the meet and with team mates.

NO high school swim suits or swim caps!!  You have all week to get an lrsc cap $5 or a different suit.

No 10 and under swimmer is allowed a “tech” suit. If you do not know what this is, good, do not worry about it, a regular suit is all they need.

I am planning on a season ending swim team banquet the last week of March but have already heard there may be school band issues for some kids. Can you all please let me know if this affects your swimmer and what night??


Good luck  get all aqua-thon monies collected and turned in asap!

If your swimmer is not going onto JO trials or JO’s (both U.S. meets) then their season ends with states.  We do offer summer swim team which will begin early May!